First Friday Night Write In, and the Retreat

The first of the First Friday Write Ins was pretty well attended.  Well, actually, there were only four of us there.  But we had a good time, and there was some good conversation, and we actually got a good amount of writing done.  Next time, I’ll break out my robot penguin to help keep time for some good old fashioned word wars.

There will be no First Friday Night write in in April, because that’s the weekend of the first annual San Nano Retreat.  We’re still working on what that will entail, what we will be doing and so on.  Right now it looks like we’ll be setting the agenda there.  As you may already know, Dale has graciously offered to let us use a property that he owns up in Shingle Springs.  Please let us know if you plan to attend.  It looks like we’ll start on Friday night and run through Saturday evening.

First Friday Write Ins will resume at my house on the first Friday of May, which is May 2.  Again it’s at 7:00.  I’ll provide coffee from Starbucks but any food you want you’ll have to bring yourself.

Have fun and keep flailing at the keyboard!